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Florent Chatelain
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From october 2004 to september 2007, I was an Assistant Lecturer with the Department of Telecommunications & Networks of the INP-ENSEEIHT engineer school , Toulouse (France). I was involved in the teaching of the following courses at an undergraduate level:

Probability and Statistics Exercices and Practical Sessions

Discrete and continuous random variables

Parametric estimation

Hypothesis tests and Confidence intervals

C Language Practical Sessions

C basic elements, input/output

Pointer specificity: pointer arithmetic, arrays and pointers

Dynamical allocation

Object-Oriented Programming, Java/UML, Practical Sessions

Object-Oriented Programming : classes, objects, inheritance and associated concepts

UML notation and class diagrams

Java : basic elements, exceptions, contract programming, graphic interfaces and event programming

Acces to Unix System Practical Sessions

Unix initiation , file management, processes management

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